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What Makes a Great Website

A website comes in different form and design depending on what you want to achieve from it. Some websites vary according to the purposes they’re set out to perform be E-commerce, portfolio or probably a media. You could be building a new website or working on an existing one but before you can go any […]

Kafeero-Foundation | Innovware

Kafeero Foundation – Content Development

For a period of 3 months from November, 2017 to January 2018. Our team played a crucial role in getting Kafeero Foundation back to the top in search engine rankings by offering our services in areas of Content Development for their blog and Search Engine Optimization.

Mayondo-Engineering-Works | Innovware

Mayondo Engineering Works Website

Mayondo Engineering Works has been one of our longest serving clients for nearly five years now. We have handled several of projects with them in areas of social media management (Facebook), system administration and networking, Internet marketing (Google) and lastly web development.