SEO Mistakes: Things You Need To Fix Right Now

SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you own a website, then optimising it with the latest SEO trends is important. A website that is not optimised for users and search engines would hamper your growth in the online world. Moreover, it would also have a negative impact on your site’s traffic, ranking, and conversion rate. Making silly SEO mistakes is quite […]

How to Run a Low-Cost Community Event | Innovware

How to Run a Low-Cost Community Event

As a community manager, you might have to plan and run a low budget event either in the beginning or midway your role. If it is your first time this might be a daunting task but we have put together these few steps to guide you on how to organize your very first event with […]

Kafeero-Foundation | Innovware

Kafeero Foundation – Content Development

For a period of 3 months from November, 2017 to January 2018. Our team played a crucial role in getting Kafeero Foundation back to the top in search engine rankings by offering our services in areas of Content Development for their blog and Search Engine Optimization.

Streetlights-Uganda-Unseen-Me-Exhibition-2017 | Innovware

Streetlights Uganda Unseen Me Exhibition 2017

In 2017, our team took on the task of managing Streetlights Uganda‘s social media event promotion for the Unseen Me Exhibition 2017. Despite having less than a month to manage and promote the event, our team was able to pull of the project successfully which saw a high turn up and a wide community recognition. […]