We a consultancy driven by a hunger for innovation and the need to change the world, that’s why we have a wide range of creative full and beta products.

Some of these products such as our online magazine and store have helped us experiment with new technologies, best practices and gauging engagement which has greatly improve some of our services such as content development, target marketing, branding and web development.

Spurzine | InnovwareSpur Magazine (Spurzine)

Spurzine is a digital magazine that got you covered with the hottest lugambo, entertainment, movies, series, cars, fashion, sports, love, news, games and tech. It was launched in 2016 and has continued to grow tremendously.


Newslibre | Innovware


Newslibre is an online information and news platform. The division is mostly focused on providing analytical, international, investigative and quality journalism as well as resourceful information to its audience.


Innovware Entertainment | Innovware

Innovware Entertainment

A production and management of Film, Animation, Music and Photography division part of Innovware.