Innovware Disperse: Building a Tech and Digital Community

Disperse: Building a Tech and Digital Community

Disperse is a volunteer tech, digital and developer community founded by Innovware. Disperse is an idea to promote innovation, exposure and learning through openness and growth distributed in connected small clusters around the world.

Remembering our own journey; Innovware started, grew and thrived because of the support and membership in global web and tech communities.

Today, there are very few reliable, passionate and vibrant communities in Africa yet there is a huge desire to be part of a group with other individuals that share similar interests.

We want to bring together enthusiasts, creators, influencers, innovators, learners, industry leaders and several other passionate people like you; to connect, discuss and work together to effect change in their society.

Disperse is directed, checked and run by its volunteers.

How can you join the community?

Sign up using this Form. You can also “Subscribe to Newsletter” to receive some regular updates from us.

You can join through a cluster, chapter, representative or at an event.

Note: You have to be above 18 years of age.

I want to volunteer; how can I contribute?

  • Become an evangelist and spread the word! Share with more people and on your social media networks what you find interesting.
  • Invite more like-minded people who are interested to join the community.
  • Follow our pages on Facebook, Twitter and the Telegram channel + group.
  • Represent us at a local event.
  • Start a local chapter or cluster.

What are some of the goals of Disperse?

  • Empower developers, tech and digital enthusiasts.
  • Support and grow our members.
  • Create a platform for like-minded people to connect and innovate.
  • Link our members to opportunities.
  • Promote the values of openness, integrity and passion.
  • Send regular updates to keep members in the know about changes in the industry and opportunities.

Last update: 12th July, 2018

This page is constantly updated, please keep checking back to track any changes.

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