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7 Things That Make a Great Website

A website comes in different forms and designs depending on what you want to achieve from it. Some websites vary according to the purposes they’re set out to perform be E-commerce, portfolio or probably a media.

You could be building a new website or working on an existing one but before you can go any further, these are one of the 7 qualities you should consider when building a website.

These 7 things are what makes a good website stand out

1.  A good domain name

The competition for domain names is real and quite challenging. One should put into consideration the kind of domain name they’re choosing for their website. Be a .com or .net, always think of the customer’s needs.

The domain name shouldn’t be too long or hard to remember and avoid using hyphens which will cause you to lose visitors. Take your time and be creative when deciding on a domain name.

2.  A clear identity

Avoid having complicated designs or a website cluttered with ads and banners which bury the important content visitors need to read.

Maintain a visible and clear identity with brief text that clearly speaks about your website. Don’t use difficult terminologies or words that will kill the client’s interest.

3.  A mobile optimised website

The number of people using mobile and other handheld gadgets to surf the web continues to skyrocket with each passing day. Ensure that your website is responsive and mobile optimised so as to make navigation for users easy and faster.

A badly optimised web page turns of viewers quicker than a slow internet connection. If you wish to keep those visitors on your website, then you better make sure it’s responsive and optimised for mobile.

4.  Visible contact & location information

If you can’t clearly state your contact or location information, then you’re on the road to failure. Always put the contact information where web surfers can easily find them.

One can place this information at each page of the site or include a “Contact Us” link in a visible place for everyone to see. Always have multiple points of contact, such as phone, email and probably a Google map for those with a physical presence.

5.  A good navigation layout

Like a captain with a compass, a site with a good navigation layout wins. When building a website, one should take into consideration how the key pages are arranged.

Pages like Services or Products should be easy to find for anyone browsing through your site. If one ignores navigation then your most likely to lose potential clients.

6.  Clear calls to action

Make your calls to action clear and precise. If your website simply pitches the product but never asks the reader to do anything, then you’re definitely going to lose the reader’s attention.

End every page of content with a “what’s next” – maybe request a quote, download or share the content they are reading. Every single page or post you publish should have a CTA (Clear calls to action).

Otherwise, you are voluntarily overlooking the opportunity to increase engagement and engage with a new customer.

7.  Good content

Make your content interesting, accurate, organised and with proper grammar too. Website visitors have short attention spans and lose interest quickly if the content is poorly presented.

Blogs and social media updates are great ways to add fresh content, which not only keeps readers coming back, but is a good SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) strategy as well.

7. Website security

An insecure site is bad for your reputation and also endangers those visiting your web pages. If you’re on platforms like WordPress, make sure it’s updated. Use strong passwords to protect your accounts against easy access and attacks.

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