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This Is the Best Time to Blog

If you haven’t already, you should be working on your blog or blog posts right now. For numerous reasons, this is the best time to start.

Ever since the COVID19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) outbreak became not only a China problem but global, many countries are implementing quarantine measures to reduce the spread of the plague.

Many institutions and public entities that deal with large numbers of people have closed too to reduce risks and most companies are encouraging their employees to work from home. Digital payments, transactions, online productivity and communication tools usage is at a peak.

Chances are you are at home now and have some time on your hands to explore blogging, this is the time to share your knowledge and experiences with the world.

If you have been blogging already or your business depends on blogging, you now have a large percentage of people active online more than before for longer hours of the day looking for something to keep them busy.

If you produce great content, they sure will read it. Some people are capitalizing on the keyword COVID19 and Corona Virus since they know a lot of people will spend the better part of their daily routine searching for news and articles around it.

Right now could be the best time to start a blog or produce more good content to keep the readers engaged

This Is the Best Time to Blog | Innovware
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The hashtags will also be trending on social media sites, for instance, #corona #COVID19 and the new #Hantavirus. Most are full of humour posts rather than any sensible news, but there are blogs in there too taking advantage of the chaos and they are getting high click-through rates because not many are using the hashtag to spread useful information.

We are not telling you to do that though, we were just showing you how other people are using this time and the trends to blog.

We would like to encourage you to start a blog in your niche or a personal blog. If you are a seasoned freelancer or remote worker, a lot of readers out there need this information right about now. If you do a google search for “remote work”, you will be hit by a lot of new articles on how to navigate about this.

It would be beautiful to read about this from the perspective of a remote worker, more personified experiences and stories.

A lot of readers out there need information right about now

You could also just start a blog where you are sharing your short stories or jokes you have been coming up with but never got time to actually sit down and share. Now is the time!

The best thing about starting a blog today is that it’s no longer as hard as it was several years ago to start and it’s cheaper. Platforms like WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, and others have made it super simple and fast.

We too shall be using this time to churn out a few blogs with our lessons, best practices and sharing information we think our readers and clients can benefit from whenever we get a few breaks from setting up self-hosted websites for our clients especially on WordPress.

If you have any questions on blogging or how you can start, feel free to leave us a comment and we will do our best to respond. 😊

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