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10 Useful App Analytics Tools That Will Help Grow Your Business Today

With customers consuming four and a half hours per day on their mobile phones, it makes sense that you should try to ensure your app is getting some of that massive time-spend and more high-grade perceptibility can pay. 

On average, customers spend $120B in the app store and $190B on mobile ad contribute. You can check transactions and user metrics on mobile app analytics to know whether your app as thriving as possible.

From Apple to Google, tracing apps and their production is principal to promote your app business on Android and iOS. There are dozens of data subjects one can check to decide what to grow, where moving is needed, and what operates. When it proceeds to produce revenue through ad campaigns installed in apps, covering a whole new set of data points becomes essential, and this is when you require app promotion analytics.

What implies mobile app analytics tools?

Mobile app analytics is extremely valuable for developers. Tools that examine the appearance of your mobile app enable one to find immeasurable conclusions of how your users are performing and how the app can be optimized to achieve your goals.

Here’s what you require to understand about mobile app analytics and which tools are most efficient at helping you delve into the data.

1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free tool that serves excellent for in-app analytics. It also has a premium version created particularly for companies and presents more accurate information. It is obtainable on Android, iOS, and several other platforms. 

It doesn’t matter the extent of your market, how many mobile apps downloads, and the traffic you create; this free tool can support you to determine performance flawlessly.

2. Firebase

Firebase is a portable platform (supported by Google) that is utilized for developing apps that will help improve your user base on Android and iOS. From databases, messaging, analytics, and crash reporting, you can explain everything in one convenient place. Firebase is also associated with other Google products such as AdMob and Google Ads.

10 Useful App Analytics Tools for Your Business | Innovware
Firebase is a portable platform that is utilized for developing apps that help improve your user base on Android and iOS. (Image credit: Firebase)

3.  Apple Analytics 

Mobile app analytics specialized for apps issued in the App Store. It allows insight into how users see your app or how they search the App Store. Apple Analytics trails app store opinions, user engagement, as well as segmentation of users. The businesses and aims part allow you to know which of your apps or in-app subscriptions are the most prevalent.

4. AppDynamics

AppDynamics (now comes under Cisco) has a product called Application Performance Management, which can perform dynamic baselining, application mapping, and code-level diagnostics. Some of the several modern highlights include cloud migration, monitoring, project tracking, auditing, DevOps selection, and more. 

However, with this tool, one should bear in mind that a little more preparation is involved in the onboarding method and getting it set up.

10 Useful App Analytics Tools for Your Business | Innovware

5. Kochava

Kochava is a mobile app analytics and attribution program for pursuing user purchases, action, and LTV (long-term value) for mobile applications. With the Kochawa mobile analytics platform, you will be capable to understand and take all the necessary data points, including companies of users. 

With the data set, you’ll be ready to export in a diversity of arrangements with this analytics tool. One can also follow the life value (LVT) of your users and determine a valid return on investment (ROI).

6. Localytics

Localytics is a cloud-based analytics and marketing program. This mobile analytics tool deals with every client from retail, travel, communications, industry, and lifestyle. The recognition characteristic is individually compelling for users. 

This characteristic creates an analysis that pinpoints ideas for business queries, such as low conversion rates, drop-offs, and decreased client retention. The program also gives personalized (in-app) messaging, customized notifications, and support.

7. Flurry

Flurry Analytics is combined into the app in only a few minutes and offers support for the iOS and  Android platforms. It is a piece of Yahoo’s Developer Network. This easy-to-operate platform allows you to track innovative users, mobile users, gatherings, and more. You’ll be able to monitor app performance and compare the metrics.

10 Useful App Analytics Tools for Your Business | Innovware
Flurry Analytics is combined into the app in only a few minutes and offers support for the iOS and  Android platforms.

In one dashboard you’ll have revealed insight into gathering activity and user. With collision reporting, you’re able to recognize problems and flaws in your app. Flurry Analytics comes with the app for controlling your app’s performance anytime, anyplace. As per the website, it’s used by 250,000 developers in multiple apps.

8. Build a fire

Build fire itself is an app framework software, nevertheless, it has a vast feature called Build fire Recon that provides important app analytics for users. Recon records downloads, types of plugin usage, traces user registrations, the number of recurring customers, and more. The software also allows user segmentation that segments users by authorities, action, and style.

9.  Facebook Analytics

Facebook’s omnichannel analytics tool offers insights into the better judgment of the actions of users on the web, in the apps, and on Facebook. Here you’ll be ready to conceive people’s journey to progress through their activities across your Page and mobile, desktop, and website. You’ll be able to exactly estimate people’s recognition over time. 

Facebook Analytics permits you to get a full picture of how people communicate with you over your website, apps, Facebook Page in one report. With the adoption of machine learning to interpret and control the data, you’ll be able to take effect more immediately.

10. Adjust

Adjust is a mobile marketing solution used for knowledge and investigating customers in-app. It works in platforms such as Cordova,  iOS, Windows, and Android. With this platform, users can also track customers based on criteria and purposes they keep, as well as execute A/B Testing and cross-promotional purchasing.

You can further – of course – follow all transactions that take place in-app and sync that data with a BI program or dashboard.

Final Words

It’s necessary to learn that, while each policy is different, it’s imperative to observe the aggregate of the customers’ drive while using your product. While there are tons of mobile analytics apps free to select from, the tools above offer detailed knowledge about your users and present individual data objects that can highlight models of behaviour.


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