10 Important Things You Must Know Before Building a Website in 2020 | Innovware

10 Important Things You Must Know Before Building a Website in 2020

As the digital landscape continues to grow, many businesses including individuals today have websites. Some use them to share information with users, sell products and services, and others for advertisement and much more. A website can play many roles depending on the needs you have and what you expect to achieve once it’s designed and […]

Top 10 Free WordPress Business Themes - Innovware

The Best Top 10 Free WordPress Business Themes You Must Try in 2020

Finding the best free WordPress business theme can be a strain lately because the internet has evolved and there are now several people who are using WordPress thus more developers creating even better themes than there were before. Searching for the right or the best themes can be a daunting task, especially if you are […]

What Is Community Management - Innovware

What Exactly Is Community Management?

If you are up and about, especially in the tech communities, you have often come across community managers and the most common question that you get is, what is community management? As someone who has been a community manager since around 2012, it is probably what you might think it is and about 70% something […]

This Is the Best Time to Blog | Innovware

This Is the Best Time to Blog

If you haven’t already, you should be working on your blog or blog posts right now. For numerous reasons, this is the best time to start. Ever since the COVID19 (Corona Virus Disease 2019) outbreak became not only a China problem but global, many countries are implementing quarantine measures to reduce the spread of the […]

SEO Mistakes: Things You Need To Fix Right Now

25 SEO Mistakes You Need To Avoid

If you own a website, then optimising it with the latest SEO trends is important. A website that is not optimised for users and search engines would hamper your growth in the online world. Moreover, it would also have a negative impact on your site’s traffic, ranking, and conversion rate. Making silly SEO mistakes is quite […]