Our Astronauts

Our team is full of young, passionate and skilled industry experts with years of experience in their fields and entrepreneurship to steer your rocket ship to unexplored horizons in space.
Lawrence K | Innovware

Lawrence K.

Lawrence is the Director and Founder. He fought alongside the great angels and defeated the titans in 1000 BC. He dreams about landing on Mars soon and hopes to lead the next human civilization into Valhalla.

Fahad V | Innovware

Fahad V.

Fahad is our Marketing Lead. He’s a deal chaser and crusher, speaks with the power of Zeus and the voice of a champion.

Joanita N | Innovware

Joanita N.

Joanita is our Co-founder and Director for HR. She reads people’s minds faster than the Flash himself. She is a people person and go getter.

Allan Bangirana | Innovware

Allan Bangirana

Allan is our CEO and believes that aliens exist. He is a great team player and workaholic who is planning to take Innovware to the moon!

Clients and Partners

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Newslibre | Innovware
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Smart Sales Uganda | Innovware
Kafeero Foundation | Innovware
Domeflake Marketplace | Innovware
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