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GPS Car Tracker (GPS Car Tracker)
Protect your car by putting GPS Tracker. You can:
- know exact location of your car
- have monthly mileage report
- track your car in realtime
- have daily movement statistics
- trust your car to someone(mechanic, friend), but have your own info about your car location.

You can track your car by sending SMS or via web, plus it has also a mobile application for Android and IOS.
*Free Installation*
ugx. 500,000
Full Vehicle GPS Tracker
Full Vehicle Tracking Device (GPS Car Tracker)
Vehicle and item's GPS trackers with emergency button to switch on/off engine.
Geographical fence to curb unauthorised places or restrict driving.
You can track by your phone, use the speaker to to listen in.

Track a vehicle or heavy equipment.

**No server or work server required**
ugx. 600,000
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